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Traitor by SavvySleeves
Another drawing of that same guy Épine from the previous picture.
I like to put my favorite characters in bad situations ^n^)<3

Guillotine by SavvySleeves
I got super addicted to a korean mobile game I started last summer and drew so much fan art for it just to share with the korean fan community online...
I'm almost ashamed of how much I put into a piece of fan art that only very few people would really appreciate...but fuck it, this was super fun to make
and having korean people comment on my art in korean was a new and invigorating experience so it was way worth it ^q^

The game in question is called 재배소년/Mandrake Boys and it's honestly a shitty game but I love it hahahfgfdg...This is my favorite character from the game, Épine.

SP: vamp kid + goth kid by SavvySleeves
SP: vamp kid + goth kid
I'd never seen South Park when I was younger but a friend of mine really loves the show, so over the summer break I actually took the time to watch the entirety of South Park from Season 1 Ep 1 til the end of Season 17...polished off half a season a day since they were pretty short. I have no regrets, I loved it ^q^ not bc it made me laugh really but bc I love scathing social critique and the characters are too adorable.

Vamp kid Mike Makowski and goth kid Michael were my two favorite kids...among the main kids I love Butters and Kenny and Cartman ^n^)<3

freshly carved / newly dead by SavvySleeves
freshly carved / newly dead
Ptero right after being cut up and killed and then reborn.

His undead body will heal any new wounds he receives within minutes, but the ones that he got before death won't ever really go away.
Though he probably has the means to get rid of them if he wanted, he keeps them as a reminder to himself...but of what, he won't say.

I've been completely neglecting dA lately...all my time's being divided up b/t instagram and tumblr xqx;; I'll post some more of my recent art later today.
Arno + Bianchi by SavvySleeves
Arno + Bianchi
"You’re a grown man now, Bianchi. Why not start behaving like one?”

Introducing Arno Silvestri, a new OC of mine. He’s Boss Ptero’s uncle, and also his advisor and lawyer. Arno is highly competent, charming, and unfailingly the point that he almost doesn't seem human. Arno was actually the more obvious and popular choice for the next boss after Ptero's father died, but he refused the position, saying he "didn't have what it took." Instead, he supported bringing his estranged nephew back from Paris to take his father's place. This made a lot of people unhappy (including Ptero, who had every intention of living a quiet life far far away from his family), but since Arno ended up being the one to run most of the family's business anyway, and Ptero turned out to be a better leader than expected, they eventually stopped complaining.

Arno doesn’t live with the Neros, but in the city with his wife and child. This is unfortunate for the rest of the family, since h
e happens to be the only known person who can suppress Bianchi’s crazy behavior with his mere presence. They've known each other since Bianchi first joined the family as a teenager so they're quite familiar with each other...but they really don't get along. Bianchi dislikes him intensely and often refers to him as a “scaly sleazeball” or “hairy eight-eyed hell-beast”, but for some reason can’t actually mess with him. Arno on the other hand doesn't seem to feel much of anything towards Bianchi--he either treats him like a child or like he's not even there.



South Korea
Please do not use, edit, or re-post my artwork without my explicit permission.

I'm somewhat more active on tumblr nowadays but I still crosspost most of my art here, with more artist comments than I have on tumblr.

gaia online:…

icon buddies ;u;
Hiiii I've returned from the dead and opened 2 commission slots. Check here for info:…

Since it's only 2 slots this time (bc I'm quite busy IRL) I won't just accept the first requests I get in my email like I used to.
I'll wait around 22 hours (until 1pm tomorrow, Korea Standard Time) and choose then.

One person may commission art for a maximum of 4 characters, or two couples.
Depending on the difficulty level of the requests I get, I may open one or two more slots.

Take note of changed prices please! They better reflect what I'm currently willing to work for, but may rise higher in the future.

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laurad821 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
May I have your permission to use your Cat in the Hat drawing in my daughter's play program?  She is in Seussical, and is playing the Cat.  She is way too cool for me to use a standard Seuss illustration in her ad, but I want to tell her she did an epic job.  my email is thanks!
SavvySleeves Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
oh gosh I'm sorry to reply so late, I haven't logged onto dA in so long T_T...I don't know if her play is over already but if it didn't you'd totally have my permission!
Copacati Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my... I just damn LOVE YOUR ART!! :iconpolandcameplz:
Seriously, it's so amazing I could die from too much exciting!! ;////////; You're so talented, oh my~! <3
theamazingwrabbit Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
fffffffff i want your talent dammit ;c;
Booty-kun Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
w0w your art
Atlantagirl Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
amazing art! :D
SavvySleeves Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
Thank you! *q*<3
Goat13 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your style is very cool and smooth, keep up the good work
SavvySleeves Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
Ahhh thank you! *u*)<3<3
TheFancyTunaFish Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student General Artist
You have so much talent and so much potential here, I'm puzzled as to why your drawing don't receiver enough comments. I'll be sure to check out your comic as well, I love indie manga!!
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