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OC Spectrum Meme by SavvySleeves
OC Spectrum Meme
I've been wanting to fill out one of these since I saw P-cate did one *_*) It was fun...

I wanted to include a bigger range of characters but I decided to go with only the ones most people would be familiar with?

The gender section was a little weird for me since I'm still not completely clear on Ptero and Bianchi's ideas of their own gender.

Oculum pro oculo - Dentem pro dente by SavvySleeves
Oculum pro oculo - Dentem pro dente
Ptero is all about that lex talionis (eye for eye & tooth for tooth).

I wanted to draw something nice and shippy for Valentines Day but somehow I drew this horror instead...

Mr. Silk and His Twins by SavvySleeves
Mr. Silk and His Twins
The Tweedles are loyal to none but the Silkworm, the wisest being in all the land, revered as an oracle. Silk presides over the Red Light District from the top floor of a very garish opium den in the dead center of the area, with the twins as his enforcers.

Two Tweedles Tweedling by SavvySleeves
Two Tweedles Tweedling
My Alexander in Wonderland (title subject to change later) OCs, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
Not their real names, but that's what most people call them. They're referred to as The Tweedles for short. I haven't decided on their real names yet.
They're enantiomorphic (mirror-image) twins, extremely attached to each other, highly unpredictable, and very hostile to strangers.

If you haven't already you can find a lot of sketches of them on my instagram:



South Korea
Please do not use, edit, or re-post my artwork without my explicit permission.

I'm somewhat more active on tumblr nowadays but I still crosspost most of my art here, with more artist comments than I have on tumblr.

gaia online:…

icon buddies ;u;
Hiiii I've returned from the dead and opened 2 commission slots. Check here for info:…

Since it's only 2 slots this time (bc I'm quite busy IRL) I won't just accept the first requests I get in my email like I used to.
I'll wait around 22 hours (until 1pm tomorrow, Korea Standard Time) and choose then.

One person may commission art for a maximum of 4 characters, or two couples.
Depending on the difficulty level of the requests I get, I may open one or two more slots.

Take note of changed prices please! They better reflect what I'm currently willing to work for, but may rise higher in the future.

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MintyTheLadyPirate Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015   Digital Artist
It's official, I'm in love with your art.  You have great skills and I love the style.
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